InNow Final Conference – 17th March 2022


InNow Final Conference – 17th March 2022

For almost three years we listened to innovative cleantech startups and large companies in the sector, to support, and to connect entrepreneurs to the right opportunities. Through this time, we learnt a lot about problems of startups and how to help them to overcome these barriers. We successfully developed programme on business skills for startups. We also accelerated their most interesting ideas with cooperation of large companies that were really impressed by some of the ideas. During the process everybody – startups, large companies and us – partners of the project have learnt a lot.

We organize this event to share our experience with you. To let speak people and organisations that already experienced the magic of something that really took place. And let us show you new opportunities for your startups (or startups to be). You can pick your part of or whole knowledge and use it for free for your development. So don’t hesitate – just join us on 17th March. All you need is an Internet connection and some time. We guarantee that you will spend this time efficiently and in an interesting way.

So register – it won’t cost you anything!


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